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January 3rd, 2015

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       Shopping is supossed to improve our lives in all the millions of subtle and not so subtle ways that being well-shod does. But there are times when trawling a busy city street, boutique, or department store just seems like the absolute last thing you want to do with your free time. Let alone when there’s a sale on, SALES generally being code for “complete, potentially dangerous, soul-crushing mayhem.” Which is not even to mention the heightened chance that your hot-ticket item is already sold out: Heartbreak!

            In order to avoid the said before I recommend you to pay attention to the following tips but attention! Those of you with shopping addictions, well, proceed at your own risk:


1.Get to know a shopper at your favorites stores.Having someone who knows your size, your taste and your shape will save you time and can make you get the best pieces before anyone else.

2.Buy very basic items, things you will never get  tire of, or really, really extreme pieces radically reduced (marabou chubbies, patchworked savage furs, tutus) and forget everything seasonal and chic and of-the-moment because that moment has passed, big time.

3.Know your rights. Before you make a purchase, be sure you know the store’s refund and exchange policy during the sale period. This will differ for each company, so to avoid misunderstanding, always ask or read the signs that are usually located at each till point.

4.Choose your company. If you have decided not to go it alone, visit the sales with someone who will tell you the truth about the clothes you will consider buying. Don’t take your mother – she’ll think that you look nice in everything. Sales shopping with a partner is also a tricky exercise: many men are simply more interested in making a quick exit, rather than helping you pick out a winning outfit.

5.Getting started. Go out on a day when you are feeling positive and energised. Any purchases made to ‘cheer you up’ will undoubtedly be a mistake. Shopping is tiring, but if you’re fighting the crowds at the sales while not feeling your best, it’s twice as hard. So here are some tips for the day:

Wear comfortable, easy-to-remove footwear.

Be sure to apply some makeup (to ensure you look your best).

Wear a good bra and decent underwear. You want to look respectable if you are stripping off.

6. Enjoy your shopping trip!!!!


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