How to survive to the New year´s festivities

December 29th, 2015

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 Jingle bells..Jingle bells…….

How are your holidays going so far??, in my case after spending some days relaxing in Alicante, I am back in Madrid and I have to confess that I am having a very difficult time trying to keep it up. As well as being a joyous time, for many people (like me) the festive season can be one of the most stressful times of the year when it comes to control eating and drinking…

So in order to make sure we will be able to still fit into our skinny jeans after Christmas I made this easy to follow list of tips to survive this holidays….


1.  Drink plenty of water. We are talking about a simple table water – or you can add a little lemon juice to. In such simple way, you just solve a few problems, firstly, the problem of dehydration. Alcohol, coffee, active physical activity (eg, dance the night away) dehydrate the body, and this entails a lot of problems.

Drinking water rate of 30 ml per 1 kg body weight. Multiply this by the number of holidays by 20-30%.

Second, the more you drink, the less you eat. It is proved that our brains often confuse thirst with hunger. As a result, instead of having to drink water, we eat that expectedly leads to overeating and excess weight.

2.Instead of sugar, use wherever it is possible (and it is possible everywhere), agave syrup, stevia, Jerusalem artichoke syrup and other natural sweeteners, but pleaseee NO SUGAR!

3. Analyze your favorite recipes. Almost always they can be without prejudice to the taste, just  reduce the amount of fat: add less oil, choose grilling or oven, rather than in the pan. Also for example to eliminate the usual mayonnaise, there is a great alternative  made of avocado. The recipe is simple. You will need the flesh of the avocado, a couple of teaspoons of fresh lemon juice, one teaspoon of white wine vinegar and a pinch of sea salt – just  whip all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Another great option to the mayonnaise is to use non fat Greek yogurt, this will be the perfect salad dressing.

4. Replace the salt in dishes with other intense spices. Most of the spices are not only tasty but also very useful.


5. Eat lots of fresh vegetables. If you want to be healthy and fit, then you need to love vegetables. This does not mean you have to eat only them, but you will be surprised how easy it is to get rid of overeating during the holidays, following a single rule: start the meal with one to three servings of fresh vegetables and greens and salads. 

6. Eat  small portions. This is a fairly banal rule, which all we  have heard, but few abide by it, unfortunately. I am the kind of person who prefers to eat a little bit of everything than a lot of only one thing. 

7. Use the New year’s dinner as a cheat meal….If you behave during the whole day…lets say…start with a green juice, protein for lunch…then you can indulge yourself on dinner without feeling guilty….

When New Year’s Eve has become a wonderful memory, it makes sense to do the fasting day . Forget about salt, sugar, coffee and alcohol. One or two days unloading, help you get in shape and to restore balance in the body.

In conclusion I would like to remind the simple truth that the New Year’s Eve  – is primarily a valuable opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and the feast is only a form of entertainment. Choose also other kinds of joint leisure like walk in the fresh air, to move actively. All this, coupled with a conscious approach to holiday eating, allow you to meet  January 11, 2016 full of energy for new achievements and in good spirits.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016, full of love, health and happiness 🙂

Hola Visionaires!,

¿Cómo están pasando las fiestas decembrinas?, en mi caso, después de pasar unos días en Alicante ya estoy de vuelta en Madrid y debo confesar que se me hace difícil cuidarme durante esta época del año, así que he decidido hacer una lista de tips fáciles de seguir para poder disfrutar de la cena de año nuevo sin remordimiento…

1. Bebe muchísima agua. Así no solo atacamos la deshidratación que produce la ingesta de bebidas espirituosas sino que también nos llenamos y por ende tendemos a comer menos.

2. No al Azúcar!, hoy día existen muchísimos sustitutos sanos a la hora de endulzar…

3. Revisa las recetas de tus platos…siempre es posible hacer algunos cambios más saludables en los platos tradicionales. Yo por ejemplo en vez de mayonesa uso Yogurt griego fat free. También puedes probar mezclando un aguacate con unas cucharadas de jugo de limón y vinagre y así obtendrás una salsa deliciosa y healthy.

4. Come muchos vegetales. Todos sabemos los beneficios de comer vegetales (sobre todos los verdes), así que nada mejor que empezar nuestra cena de año nuevo con una buena ración de vegetales!.

5. Porciones pequeñas. Yo soy de las personas que prefieren comer poco de todo que mucho de una sola cosa…también el comer en platos pequeños nos ayudará a engañar la vista y por ende al estomago.

6. Usa la cena de año nuevo como “cheat meal”.Comienza el 31 de Diciembre tomando agua tibia con limón, desayuna con un green juice y almuerza proteínas, así podrás cenar sin remordimiento alguno.

Finalmente, cuando ya la fiesta de año nuevo no sea más que un recuerdo, nada mejor que Ayunar!, una vez más haz uso de los green juices y dile bye al café, sal, azúcar, etc etc…el cuerpo te lo agradecerá…

De todo corazón les deseo a todos un muy Feliz año 2016, espero que sea un año lleno de amor, salud y alegrías para tod@s 🙂 





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