Spanish Sustainable Fashion Brands

January 12th, 2017

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    Fashion no longer just means to have style, dress the latest trends or be beautiful. In the 21st century, the issue goes further. It is about buying with a series of principles, to see what is behind what we wear. That is why, more and more brands are emerging within the ethical or sustainable fashion field.

    This year, I decided to  start to educate myself about what really is going on the fashion industry today so from now on I will be sharing with you my discoveries on the fascinating world of sustainable fashion.

  In Spain there are dozens of new brands that arise in this area. With their work they want to demonstrate, not only that it is possible to design and create fashion with ethical and sustainable values, but that fashion is accessible and, in addition, it includes the trends of the big brands. Generally, they are brands that manufacture in Spain or, at least in Europe, that take care of the environment in their process and, above all, make sure that working conditions are as optimum as possible. 

 Here are some of these brands, please feel free to suggest me any other brand or website about this subject.


Is a sustainable fashion brand, whose great achievement is to make high quality garments from recycled garbage materials. Plastic bottles, tires and fishing nets may be the most unexpected and surprising, although their raw materials also come from other elements. The low supply of this type of products and the poor quality of the competition have quickly positioned to Ecoalf to world-wide level.



Lifegist is a conscious clothing brand born in Madrid in 2013. Lifegist  uses 100% organic fabrics and sustainable production methods . Lifegist purchases Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fabrics in Europe and the garment manufacturing shops are all located in Madrid. The firm is committed to a sustainable and timeless fashion, where each purchase is a long-term investment.




Works with natural, ecological and recycled fabrics and put great emphasis on designs, patterns and finishes. Well made garments, in limited series with genuine designs that will last in your closet.




Bags made in Spain made with ecological and sustainable materials. In Idunn Bags they use natural and sustainable fabrics as well as vegetal tanning skins (chrome-free), and work with small local workshops located in Madrid, supporting the craftsmanship of professionals who have been engaged in leather garments for years. Their handbags are timeless designs and have nothing to do with fast fashion trends, making the pieces little treasures that can be worn over time.




Born with a sustainable fashion concept, based on the idea of combining natural non-polluting fabrics, handmade production made in Madrid and outlets made in Spain. This is a novel project, so the collections have exclusive and very limited pieces , with hand-painted prints and digital stamping.



This brand was born in 2014, with the aim of creating a brand that satisfies the concerns of the designers about the reuse of obsolete objects for their original use, using and exploiting the physical and formal characteristics of the material, giving rise to new objects with organic and minimalist shapes. All creations are handmade in Bilbao and each piece is unique  and unrepeatable, combining functionality and originality.




Is a project based on denim recycling. Everything is made by its craftsman, Succubus, piece by piece and by hand. This means that there can be no production as such and that the garments can not be sent to sewing workshops as is usually done. All the garments are unique and exclusive. Because of the materials and the way in which they are made, all the clothes of the brand are made to last.



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