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How to boost your personal image

March 24th, 2017

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  Today we start a new section on the blog: Image Consulting. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best every day.  This doesn’t mean dressing to the nines at all times, but rather wearing the clothes which suit you and make you feel comfortable in whatever situation you may be in, and to help you on this we are writing this section with new articles every week. 

 So, let’s start today talking about how to boost your Personal Image: we all know that it is really important in professional life the way we look, it affects if people engage with you and most importantly how. It can be the difference between getting a promotion or not. Personal Image is also about how we feel about ourselves, when we look and feel good, we have a greater sense of self-worth which shines through. Others respond better which helps us perform better; it is what is called the ‘cycle of success’:

       How does this ‘Cycle of Success’ work?

     Imagine how you feel when you know you look and feel good – wearing your favourite dress to an important meeting, putting on those new shoes for the first time, being confident about how you greet someone at a networking event. You feel better about yourself don’t you? When you feel better about yourself this confidence shows  and people tend to respond to you better. All of us need relationships and positive relationships reinforce positive feelings and help you to perform better.  So in order to help you work your way around the cycle I’m going to give some tips, just keep in mind that there are three areas where you have to focus when you improve your image: Appearance, Voice and Body Language.

      Invest in key pieces: Shopping for new clothes equals investing in pieces of quality, classic and timeless which work as a symbol of power. You must always keep in mind that what you wear and how you show yourself to the others will set the pace on how others will treat you.

    Wear colors: They have their own energy and psychology. Wear colors that enhance your natural complexion and make you look healthy and energetic  You must learn which are the colors that best suit you and wear them.

     Know which shapes are best for your body type:  Dressing according your body type will make wonders to your appearance. Body shape is all about proportion, and fashion is all about dressing those proportions to look their very best. When you think about body types, don’t focus on height and weight… focus on shape. A slender gal can have the same body shape as a curvy gal, just as a short woman can have the same body shape as her taller friend. And it’s not about trying to look thin; it’s about accentuating your shape and enhancing what you have so you feel your best in every outfit you own.

    Being polished: it doesn’t matter if you are  wearing your most expensive suit but if you feel a mess whether that be in terms of hair, make-up, shoes or anything else, you won’t feel good. Attention to detail is really important.

   How You Speak: Eye contact, your body movements, positions and hand gestures say more than words. Unconscious scratching, pointing, looking down or covering you mouth are some examples. They might contradict what you are saying and they will confuse the person who is listening, so your message won’t come across as clear as you wanted to.

      Your voice:Think about the pace and pitch of your voice. It is scientifically proven that men don’t hear high voices well. Higher voice pitches also lack gravitas, so think about lowering your pitch and speaking in a calm and empathetic tone to communicate credibility.

      Finally, always remember that appearances send a message louder than words and create the foundations of your image.You must have a solid foundation in order for your words and beliefs to be clearly heard and accepted.




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